Welcome to my website!

I have a PhD in Environmental Toxicology and study the interactions between toxics and the environment (ecology and human health).

I currently serve as a Research Scientist at the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, where I develop and apply new approach methods to assess the hazards of chemicals with little or no animal toxicity testing data.

In addition to my duties at OEHHA, I serve various roles in different organization. I am an editor for Cambridge Prisms: Plastics, and a Topic Editor for two research topics for the open-access Frontiers journals, including addressing Alternatives to petroleum-based plastics as a potential solution to the global plastic pollution crisis in marine environments: Do they provide sustainable solutions? and Microplastics in Water and Potential Impacts on Human Health. Additionally I am a board member of the Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution Research - which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to tackling the plastic pollution crisis with scientific research & innovation. I am also one of the founders of Plastiverse.org - a community hub for assets and information exchange of plastic pollution research.

I am committed to making data and science open to the extent possible, which is why this entire website is open-source and may be freely copied by anyone who so wishes.